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  1. thank you very much Kratmel and Joe Tauser. I try it...
  2. All the sensors are very quality and 4-20 mA. Its made from eurpe. and snap IO is firmly very much. And use in panel equipmant; 8 piece selenoid valve 24VDC and power supply with nonstop UPS. There isn't any VFD and Contactor...
  3. Hi, I am from Turkey and my company is TESAN... In use V700 + V200-18-E46B The PLC gave an Fatal Error Status: Idle Desc: illegal word operand access Ldr: 0 x 00000018 I send this warning and plc program. Please help me? What is problem? V700-E46B Enerji_Korumalı_20.02.2018.vlp
  4. Hi Support, I am Emrah at TESAN from Istanbul, I wrote a program with UniStream and insert a memory card. But there is a problem; PLC is saving random data sampling. for example I saw the trend history, it keep in memory different time or didn't keep in memory sometimes. before it saved three hours and later didn't save two days. an other time when I saw it saved five hours but didn't save three days. I used trend start bit with 'General ON'. But it can't keep in memory every time. What is your solution? Thanks for your help.
  5. Hi, I tried these directives but I didn't. It gives this warning: ''Failed to import strings from CSV, maybe import seperator is different from export seperator'' Please can you give me a project example ???
  6. Hello, I am from TESAN in İstanbul I want to use kiril alphabet with V570 I used two excel file and wrote turkish-kiril the cells... But I can't import from excel files for string library. It was to fault this display :''Excel file not valid, maybe change manually'' immediately please can you help me? If there is an example, will you send to me?
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