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  1. Now here is the program. J3920 Trim Line HMI Touchscreen - no home position.vlp
  2. I wrote a program using a shaft encoder (x2) high speed input. I have logic in my programming converting input pulses from the encoder to display length of material. On the display the length will only go up to 94", when it reach 94" it starts counting down to 0. Why won't it go past 94"?
  3. So, are you saying I can't tie each channel to a high speed input and use ladder logic to create a quadrature encoder reader?
  4. I have a project with a quadrature encoder. I have a 570 HMI in a remote operator station and all of my PLC connections are in the main enclosure. I am using two IO-DI16 expansion modules, among other expansion modules. Can I use a high speed input from each unit two read the encoder?
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