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Wireless Serial Communication



Hello everyone,

My name is Matthew and I am a long-time Unitronics distributor, customer and all around fan-boy. My company uses their controllers every chance we get, selling them to customers and using them in the control system design work we do for OEMs.

Seems like lately every project we do has some sort of communication with an outside device. This prompted us to begin working with a company that's an expert in wireless devices to come up with a cost-effective wireless serial data communication device to work hand-in-hand with the Unitronics controllers.

We haven't released it publicly yet but we are currently finalizing the design of our first project to utilize the new product. It will be a small device that takes 24VDC input, includes an antenna and a communication port for Vision controllers. It's built for RS232 and it sends and receives strings of data through the Vision serial port. Basically, it's like using the Protocol function blocks with a phone cord connecting two PLCs except that it's wireless.

We're still finalizing the design but I would welcome your input. Perhaps you'll think of something that we haven't. Anyway, fire away with your questions and comments...


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