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First Blog Entry!

Ash Neilson


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Thought I would start off my blog with some thought generation!

What sort of Technologies / Languages are sought after these days? I am basically interested in what any of you more "Techy" Unitronics users prefer as a Software Development language.

My reason for this is to see what libraries / applications to support Unitronics hardware are missing on Non-Windows or Non .NET environments :)

Do many of you long for a "Remote Operator" app on Mac or Linux (Maybe even the iPhone). Do many of you wish the .NET Communication Library was available for Java or Python (Or the language of your choice).

Comment your ideas, thoughts, criticisms... :D


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How about Unitronics offering;

Profibus RTU serial Protocol as well as Profinet

I was more thinking down the lines of Computer software to compliment or "Enhance" the Unitronics OPLC range.

But since you brought it up, what is your reason for having Profibus or Profinet implemented in a Unitronics PLC? I find between Modbus, CANbus, CANopen, Unitronics Protocols and the ability to do a Raw Serial or Ethernet protocol - that I never come unstuck trying to talk to something!

Basically everything on the face of this earth that is related to PLC's / Automation supports Modbus, CANbus or CANopen :D

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