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  1. Fully agreed Cara. Denis, my apologies you have felt mislead. Some features like the SD Card will take a lot of work to complete, which is why it has been left to the end. Floats should be fully supported - I'm wondering what trouble you were having with displaying floats? Also the Data Tables are partially completed, a few features like Clear Table and Clear Row are still to be implemented, but they aren't far off from being available. If I can point you to the VirtualPLC Forum: http://forum.virtualplc.co.nz that's the place to discuss this. It's great when I'm able to understand any issues you are having or key features that are missing that you wish to see made available - that way I can prioritize what feature gets completed next.
  2. Hi Lawry, The Online Store has only been introduced to a few countries before it is made available globally. I will be keeping the Facebook Page and Forum of VirtualPLC Updated with any progress.
  3. How is your value stored in the Memory Integer? For example if you are looking to display a value of "25.67" is your MI Value "2567"? If so, then you can make use of the Numeric Element on the HMI Display then select the number of Whole Number Digits and Decimal Place Digits from the two Number Boxes next to the "Text After" box. Let me know if it will help to attach a screenshot and I can post one here.
  4. Hi Guys, There is a Simulator available now! As of Monday the 14th of October the Simulator (VirtualPLC) has been available through the Unitronics Developer Market to a limited number of Countries. If you are interested in getting your copy of VirtualPLC - please contact me directly either as a Private Message on this forum or at: support@virtualplc.co.nz You can keep up to date with VirtualPLC on the Facebook Page at: http://www.facebook.com/VirtualPLC
  5. While I can't shed any light on future development for VisiLogic and the like, I can share some news about the PLC Simulator. The Unitronics Developer Store was launched to a limited number of countries on Monday and marks the release date of VirtualPLC! If you would like to get your copy of VirtualPLC - please contact me directly either as a Private Message on this forum or at: support@virtualplc.co.nz Also do checkout the VirtualPLC Facebook Page at: http://www.facebook.com/VirtualPLC
  6. Hi Aaron, Are you wanting to retrieve the Unique PLC ID that is assigned to each Controller? I'm not 100% sure if the Unique PLC ID is related to the Hardware Serial Number.. To retrieve the Unique ID you need to perform a simple Operand Read Operation to read System Double-Word #9 (SDW9). If you need a code example on how to do this please let me know.
  7. You can find a Download for the Unitronics.ComDriver Source Code (C#) here: http://www.unitronics.com/Data/Uploads/software%20utilities/Unitronics.ComDrive.SourceCodes_Ver_1.0.0.47.zip This should allow you to support your platform.
  8. It's in Spanish. Here is the Post in English: Friends, I need an example of communication between a V350 and a pc. I want to forward information from one table to be plotted in real time with vb6. I appreciate your help. regards
  9. Hi Lionel, I haven't yet had the chance to sit down and finalize a MONO .NET Library for Unitronics. I do have something in progress, however, I need to complete it and bug test before releasing. I'll try and keep you informed by posting any updates here.
  10. Damian, With the current Hardware, downloading over Ethernet works out to be almost 2x as fast (not quite its more like 1.7x). The USB onboard the V1040 is really just a USB to Serial Adaptor built into the PLC so the Download Speeds are basically the same as downloading to a Standard PLC Serial Port.
  11. Hey Guys, I may not be 100% sure on this one, but as far as I remember the Operand Values are lost when the Battery is Removed. I've seen very few Backup Batteries fail. A Couple of 5+ year old Vision 280's have had their Backup Batteries replaced, but Vision 570's that have been installed since 2007 are still going strong. Remember you do have SB8 to help you out. When SB8 is '0' the Backup Battery will be just fine. When SB8 is '1' that indicates the Backup Battery is getting Low. You could have an HMI Display pop up that tells the Customer they need to call their Supplier / Integrator and request a Replacement Backup Battery. Of course replacing the Battery results in the Program being Lost and Operand Values being Lost, so you will need to Burn the Program into Flash (For Backup) and Consider including an SD Card with all your PLC's that allows backup of Operand Values.
  12. Hi Jenkins, Just out of curiosity, what is the brand of the VFD? From what I've read on the Modbus Protocol Specification, the CRC should always be sent in MSB then LSB Order. The Data of a Modbus Message is reversed, so everything is sent in LSB then MSB order. Chances are the VFD Manufacturer has not kept to a Standard for CRC16. Still, I do see the use of this addition to VisiLogic as we cannot guarantee every manufacturer will stick to a "Standard".
  13. Hi Tito, I created a MONO .NET version of the Unitronics Communication Driver back in 2008. It became out-dated and un-used so it was forgotten about. I am planning on creating a new version of the MONO .Net Communication Driver in the next month or two. When are you hoping you could use this Library?
  14. Hi Jim, What is the Baud Rate you have set on the PLC and in UniOPC Server? The Sample Rate can depend on the way your PLC is connected, but if you are using a Standard RS232 Cable for communicating with the PLC you should get faster Sample Rates. In UniOPC Server the Sample Rate setting should look like "00:00:00.00" if you set it to "00:00:00.01" then you should have a 100mSec Sample Rate. Hope that helps!
  15. Good points Simon! A few things I didn't think to mention Btw - Vision 560 basically has the same OS and everything as a Vision 570.
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