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  1. Fully agreed Cara. Denis, my apologies you have felt mislead. Some features like the SD Card will take a lot of work to complete, which is why it has been left to the end. Floats should be fully supported - I'm wondering what trouble you were having with displaying floats? Also the Data Tables are partially completed, a few features like Clear Table and Clear Row are still to be implemented, but they aren't far off from being available. If I can point you to the VirtualPLC Forum: http://forum.virtualplc.co.nz that's the place to discuss this. It's great when I'm able to understand any
  2. Hi Guys, There is a Simulator available now! As of Monday the 14th of October the Simulator (VirtualPLC) has been available through the Unitronics Developer Market to a limited number of Countries. If you are interested in getting your copy of VirtualPLC - please contact me directly either as a Private Message on this forum or at: support@virtualplc.co.nz You can keep up to date with VirtualPLC on the Facebook Page at: http://www.facebook.com/VirtualPLC
  3. Fantasia83, VisiLogic 8.9.5 ready for testing at http://ftp.unitronics.com/Downloads/BETA/
  4. Is that the 8.9.5 BETA? I still didn't see any color changes? Maybe it still looks 256 color in VisiLogic but 16-Bit in the PLC?
  5. I believe the 16-Bit Color Update is for ALL Color PLC's, so the Vision 350 should also look spectacular!
  6. Simon, I think Phil is the only one who can delete the duplicate comment As far as the Loop side of things goes. In my experience of using them, I found they would simple "Add the Scan" if you were "Jumping Back" to a Label. If you make a Loop take too long to complete, you can trigger a "Software Watchdog" error, which means the PLC Scan never actually finished within a reasonable time. I just made a quick test program and added an INC Utility in Net 1, made a Label with another INC Utility in Net 2, then in Net 3 a "Jump to Label" so it would jump "Back to Net 2". I also added a INC Uti
  7. Geert, Chances are you have a "DOS" Screen in front of you at the moment. Press and Hold the Touch Screen for about 4 - 5 seconds. You will then be presented with Two Buttons, tap the "Info" Button. Enter the Password "1111" from there and follow Phil's Instructions
  8. Nice blog entry Saragani! I have been looking at using the SD Card as a way to store history for MI / ML values, then transfer them from the SD Card to a remote server for graphing I just noticed that the latest SD Card Suite uses a version of the Unitronics.ComDriver looking at the properties off the DLL. Are you planning on updating the available Source Code + DLL from the downloads section any time soon? Looking forward to the next blog entry!
  9. I was more thinking down the lines of Computer software to compliment or "Enhance" the Unitronics OPLC range. But since you brought it up, what is your reason for having Profibus or Profinet implemented in a Unitronics PLC? I find between Modbus, CANbus, CANopen, Unitronics Protocols and the ability to do a Raw Serial or Ethernet protocol - that I never come unstuck trying to talk to something! Basically everything on the face of this earth that is related to PLC's / Automation supports Modbus, CANbus or CANopen
  10. Thought I would start off my blog with some thought generation! What sort of Technologies / Languages are sought after these days? I am basically interested in what any of you more "Techy" Unitronics users prefer as a Software Development language. My reason for this is to see what libraries / applications to support Unitronics hardware are missing on Non-Windows or Non .NET environments Do many of you long for a "Remote Operator" app on Mac or Linux (Maybe even the iPhone). Do many of you wish the .NET Communication Library was available for Java or Python (Or the language of your choice)
  11. Woohoo looking forward to getting some blogging done! I have to say this new Forum beats the old one a million times over!!
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