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Lately, I've been twiddling around with Linux, and learning about it's history. I've been extremely impressed by what a group of people can accomplish with some collaborative effort and a willingness to share that effort.

I'm no PC programmer, but I am a PLC programmer, and over the years I've developed a number of importable code modules I use in my programs. In the spirit of shared effort, I'm going to make some of these modules available to the forum.

These are modules I've personally used and extensively tested, but I make no guarantees about how they will work out for somebody else's application. I try to make them as general purpose as possible, given that I wrote them for my own needs.

Lastly, in the spirit of Free and Open-Source Software, I ask that if you make a neat improvement to the module, share it back with the rest of us, so everyone can benefit from the spirit of collaboration.




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HIm tim,

I'm on my way with linux. I always knew this OS but never decided to take time to understand and work with.

So in my last holliday (in mountain maybe the fresh air changed my ideas :) ) i took time to read the PDf coming with UBUNTU.

Like you i'm impressed about this project (Today internet and the nearest available resources that it provide give a big help).

I work with PLC since 20 years and followed/used PC-DOC, MS-DOs and Windows systems. Linux was a challenger, but certainly not for PLC.

Today I'm searching and testing all necessary software to switch progressively to linux.

Lokk forward too with your modules.


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