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Motoman CanOpen Example



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Greetings all!

Motoman is a Yaskawa-based robot company that offers CanOpen as one of their protocols. The documentation for their card is good for the wiring and installation of the CanOpen adapter card, but documentation about how the robot interacts with the card, and how CanOpen commands are processed is non-existent. Literally, it doesn't exist.

I've begun a project requiring interfacing a V570 to a Motoman robot via CanOpen, and the attachments here cover my findings. There's an example program (based on the Wago one posted to my blog), and a user guide that explains how the interfacing works, and what I learned about the Motoman CanOpen inplementation.

Hopefully, it will give the next guy some guidance I sorely missed out on.

As an added bonus (?), the Motoman card is non-retentive, and a heartbeat has to be set every time the robot is powered up. So if you were longing for a bit about SDO, it's here.

Hope it helps!


Motoman CanOpen Module.vlp

Motoman CanOpen.pdf


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Thanks Cara, I added the poll to most of the posts. Although I've had alot of downloads, relatively little feedback about how helpful the material has been. But only one vote for "buggy junk" this year, so I'm assuming "no gnus is good gnus" :P

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Background - I don't know if they had this show in Israel in any form, but when I was a kid, there was this program called "The Great Space Coaster" that I watched every morning before school. It was a "Sesame Street" style variety show with puppets, songs, and animated sequences, and it was alot of fun. One of the segments was a newscaster who got really perturbed if there was anything to report.

Which is to say that there is an entire segment of american men to whom, should you say "No gnus is good gnus" ("g is not silent") they will immediately reply "With Gary Gnu".

I'm still amazed after all these years I randomly run into people that remember this :)

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