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  1. Thanks for reporting the solution 🙂
  2. Oh good lord--I'd missed this!!!ðŸĪĢ
  3. wow. I watched about 4 minutes of that, which is something of a record for me in terms of video-clip viewing. That was impressive.
  4. @Ausman, you almost killed me with that--especially the last one!!! Thanks, cobber :-)
  5. @Joe Tauser, I'll consult further--not sure what to do here.
  6. @Aus, I'll look into it--I'll see what Support thinks, thanks for the heads-up 🙂
  7. @Ausman@Flex727 Done--the developer just told me, you'll see it in the next release 🙂
  8. Hi people! I love this! One of our community gurus, @Ausman, started the topic linked below--take a look, and join in!
  9. @Ausman@Flex727, your requests are in the To-do list--no timeline, but they are there 🙂
  10. I will forward this to the team--will let you know what they say. Thanks 🙂
  11. I think that joke is about my husband...ðŸĪŠ
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