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  1. Hi Michael_P, Problem solved, thanks for the info. I was scared, had spent several hours making a program for a V130, and suddenly happended the above issue. Now I can continue debugging the program. Conecting to a VFD using MODBUS, the V130 will send all the params to the VFD, and will read all the information params that can be read from the vfd, and display all the info on V130 screen, also reading of a water level sensor. Now struggling to make graphs of the variables readed, including water level, DC bus voltaje, amperaje, power, alarms, params. Happy with Mr V130.
  2. Hi, I need some help regarding an error. I can not close the VisilogicOPLC IDE. Have to close it using CTRL + ALT + del, and forcing it to close; or stopping the computer and force it to close on stop. I receive two error messages: 14Invalid Tools collections. And another: Run-Time error '2006': Invalid Tools collection index. Do not know what to do to avoid this happening, do I have to reinstall the program, or maybe it's a completely mess up done by myself? I am a completely novice with PLC's. Thanks
  3. Dear all, Not able to close the VisilogicOPLC IDE. I have to stop the computer, and then the Windows7 forces it to close. Tried to close it using the old trick CTRL + ALT + supr and the IDE can not be closed. Do not know how to solve this problem, if somebody knows the reason please explain. If not, will try to reinstall the program. Thanks in advance.
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