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  1. I have contacted support and they are working on it now. Seems to be a corrupted program.
  2. I would agree that there is something seriously wrong. I also have Visiologics installed on my laptop and get the same warnings. If I copy the screen into a new project there are no warnings. But when I do this Visiologic gives me a ton of crash reports.
  3. I am building an application that I am using the binary image/ switch on. I have a lot of these as I am using them as status indicators for my IO. The problem is that when I do a download I get a warning for every one of these the states the font can't be found. I have not option to choose a font. I have this same problem with a few of my buttons. Is there a work around or is there someting that I am missing?
  4. I am trying to create some icons that behave the same as the built in ones that are in the imagesC directory. The images that I make do not seem to be able to have a transparent background.
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