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  1. Just an update, I got rid of Communication errors by using the serial to usb connector and updating the driver.
  2. R Mozes, I figured out the error, I just clicked NO to update changes to the images, which is the error I was getting. Also, I did update the driver and everything is looking good.
  3. Hello, I am having an issue when downloading to the PLC, I get an error displaying Error 391-Visilogic failed to download images to the PLC. Any suggestions on why I am getting this error?
  4. Paul, Thanks for the suggestion. I was using my school's computers to connect to the PLC and not getting results. So I started over and bought a new PC(which I have wanted to buy for the longest) and purchased the serial to usb converter and am now able to communicate with the OPLC. The only problem I have now is an error 391, which is the visilogic not able to download the same images to the PLC.
  5. Joe T, I have a Vision 350-35-R2, and I did some reading and I may have the wrong manual shipped to me. The R2 does not have any TC inputs but the TRA22 does. Somehow I got the wrong manual. Anyway I will be using a transmitter for my TC and use an analog input.
  6. Hello, This is probably a silly question, but what jumper setting do I use for a TC input? In regards to npn or pnp input wiring? Also, can I am unsure what the difference is between the two. Thanks,
  7. Hello, I tried both versions of the visilogic and no luck. I ended up returning the unit and asked for a replacement. I will see how the new one works.
  8. Hello, I have tried these steps and I am still unable to update the o/s or boot file. The only thing I can program is the bin lib. When I installed the bin lib with visilogic 8, the screen went from red to black and i still have the "factory boot error" at the top. I am also have trouble with getting to the Bootstrap screen, i do not go into a different screen when in "bootstrap."
  9. Hello, I currently have a VISION 350 series OPLC that came wiyth software version 8.0 and am trying to use the version 9 Visilogic software. When running the wizard to communicate with the OPLC, I check the current information and the OPLC has O/S version 0.0. The OPLC currently displays a red screen and " Factory Boot Boot Error" on the top. Has anyone seen this before? Also, I get an error when trying to update the files with the wizzard. I tried to do an advanced upadte but that doesnt work either. Help will be appreciated, Thanks Jay
  10. Ok, just an update on where I am, I can start the download process but then I get an error 0. Any idea?
  11. Hello, Thanks for the reply. I am using Windows XP.
  12. Hello, I am very new to PLC/Ladder logic and I am having trouble comminicating with a VISION 350. I get the error 206 when I try to Download the program onto the PLC. Thanks
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