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  1. Hello,

    The GW-BAC1 is an external, high performance Building Automation multi-protocol gateway that has been preprogrammed for enabling Unitronics products to various building automation protocols. These protocols include BACnet MS/TP and BACnet/IP. Configuration for the various protocols is done via Unitronics configuration tool UniBACnet Configurator.


    To configure it you have the UniBACnet configurator. this configurator is a tool provided Unitronics that allows the user to create the configuration file for the GW-BAC1 easily. Once created, the configuration file should be downloaded to the GW-BAC1 in order to enable it to communicate with the Unitronics PLC. The UniBACnet configurator can be launched from both the VisiLogic and UniLogic programing applications Tools menu. This tool will configure the BACnet getaway as BACnet master and modbus Slave. If you wish to have the getaway act as BACnet slave and modbus master the configuration file should be change manualy before downloading it to the device.


    The RS485 connection is a strait forward RS485 connection between the PLC and the getaway.

    You may also connect the PLC via Ethernet port.


    The Getaway supports Modbus RTU and Modbus Ethernet and Bacnet MS/TP and Bacnet IP.

    You may have any combination of them.

    I have attached some examples to use with UniStream PLCs.

    Bacnet examples for Unilogic.zip

  2. Hello,


    There is not system bit that is turn on when the user has selected the snooze alarm button on the banner and there is no direct way to mute alarm sounds when this button is pressed.


    You'll need to create a logic to manually shut down the alarm sound. 

    you may add a button on the HMI that the user can press after pressing the snooze button and add on the logic a timer.

    You may add the timer on the HMI to let the user see how much time has pass or even to let him change the amount of time to mute the sound.



  3. Hello Andrea,

    Sorry for the delay answer.


    In UniStream trends are saved to the SD  card.

    The file will be save either when the user manually stops the sampling, when the sample has reached 60,000 samples or when there s power reset.

    You can have in one application up to 32 trends and in each of them up to 16 curves or feeds.

    Using UNT32 instead of INT16 should not make a difference.

    Hope this information helps

  4. Dear ORSO2001,

    I tried to replicate this issue with an application build on 1.19 with UAC with a user set as supper group. I open the application with latest UniLogic 1.22.13 and download it to a UniStream with latest firmware 1.22.9

    In my case it worked OK and had no issues downloading the application to the UniStream. I got no error message.

    Can you please try downloading an empty application to the UniStream.

    After this please try to download your application.

    If this does not work, please send the application to support@unitronics.com for review.

    Also, please send a screenshot of the error message you get.


  5. Hello Ausman,

    Season gratings and Happy holidays.


    First of all, what PLC are you using -Vision, Jazz or M90/91-?


    Can you please give more information on how you use the maximum and minimum value?


    When you mention that the the linearization is only valid on a certain range -between a maximum and a minimum values- this means that outside this range the values are not linear? Or is still linear but you don't wish to take those values in account?



    If as you mention the linearization is only valid on a certain range -between a maximum and a minimum values-, and you know both the X and Y value of this maximum and minimum, then this are the values you will use on the X1/Y1 and X2/Y2 values of the FB.


    Remember that the linearization FB uses the line equation to determine the line between two point, you can take any two point inside the line to create the same equation.


    You could also use the compare function "within range" before the linearization FB so it will only be active between the range you need it to work.


    Best Regards,
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