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  1. Hey Folks, I have an application that will require installing a V570 with in a hazardous Class 1 Div 1 area. I am looking to put a V570 inside an explosion proof enclosure, with a glass window. I would like to press the V570 touch screen against the glass window, to allow the operator access to running parameters. Does anyone know if the V570 touch screen will work behind a glass window, that it is in contact with? Thanks Richard McSwain
  2. Hey Folks, Thanks for all of the comments. I gave up on the Sixnet VT-Modem-1. We purchased a Sixnet VT-Modem-5 with V.92 compression and it works. Take Care Richard
  3. Hey Folks, Thanks for the response. No this has never worked. My customer did not want to purchase a second Sixnet modem, because his customer wants to us a laptop computer for remote monitoring. The US Robotics USB modem is a V.92. I think Joe is correct, the problem is the error correction and data compression. I tried to turn on V.44 data compression and error correction, with no luck. Sixnet has a V.92 modem "VT-Modem-5" I am thinking about trying one. Modems are always a pain. Take Care Richard
  4. Hey Folks, I discussed this with support yesterday, but I am still having trouble. I have a Sixnet Land Line modem connected to a V350. The V350 has a RS232 expansion port. On the other end I have a US Robotics USB modem connected to a PC running Visilogic and Remote Access. The PC dials and the modems connect. However, I can't go online. I am concerned about the flow control on the USB modem. Do you have anyone with experience with USB modems? Take Care Richard
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