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  1. thanx a lot man on the first problem sb13 works fine, but i think the delay that causes could be a problem early... i am thinking about canbus or Ethernet network, just to minimize the delay on second i just use a numeric to bits, works very well!! now i can have vfd state, modbus state, acceleration and deceleration time, motor current, and real time frequency, if i want to improve more functions its a simple way... for now i am doing some stress tests with the pumps, and on next month i want to bring this for my smartphone.
  2. Hii! I don't have any experience with modbus and my English is very bad I am trying to make a modbus network, the network will control a lot of vfd's (30 altivar 61 from schneider), its a cold water system with 4 big chillers, they provide cold water for our hvac system. the hardware is so simple, its PID on v1210 with 7 io-atc8 modules for the sensors, controlling all vfds with this modbus network i just take some prints and you will see my 2 problems on the first picture the sb3 is one of the problems, is that correct to take the connections alive? does exists another way to keep the connection alive and keep changing the frequency of my vfds? on the second picture the problem is bigger, the vfd have a registry that include many bits, its a read registry that show the status of my vfd, but how can i sort out this bits? how can i see the bit's from 3201? i know the 3201 registry have 15 bits, see the picture and you will understand my problem! picture 3 is the bits of the 3201 registry sorry for the bad english Thank you!
  3. i will send now my windows is in portuguese the error in splash screen is this one: "9Os argumentos são incorretos, estão fora do intervalo ou estão em conflito."
  4. just don't run on windows xp sp3 at splash screen we get an message telling about 9the segments are incorrect , i try reinstall, try to use old version ( 9,4 9,5 9,6 ) and now, anyone don't run... the same error please help!!
  5. Thanks windows xp don't have "run as administrator", but i am the administrator account. 9.6.0 working good 9.7.0 9Os segments error... I will update netframework and .dotnet applications, this should be work ( works on windows 7 in another computer.)
  6. I have problems with the new software and windows xp sp3, old versions are running... the new software just don't work and crash at splash screen showing a message talking about 9Os Segments or something about segments. I try to reinstall the program but the problem continue, re-download and reinstall gets some troubles... there are some required setting or tool to run the new program?? is some one running the 9.7.0 with winxp sp3?? Sorry for the badddd english!! rsrs I'm not at work now but tomorrow show more details about the errors
  7. i have problems with the software and windows xp sp3 too (only with the 9.7 version), old versions are running... just don't run showing a message talking about 9Os Segments... there are some required setting to run the new program?? some one runing the 9.7 with winxp sp3??
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