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  1. I have had Windows 8 Running Visilogic Software successfully for the past 6 Weeks. After an issue with our Domain we had our IT support company change Passwords and had to re-join notebooks to our Domain. Once we did this, we were unable to communicate with our Vision PLC's via Serial using Prolific USB-Serial Converter. We are using latest drivers and correct chip set. We have a Communications Driver Error (206). I have tried separate Windows 8 notebook with same result. I run Visilogic software as Administrator and same result. Software runs up fine but can not communicate. Have tried other cables and checked that worked on XP machine. Any Ideas.
  2. Hi, I have 5 Unitronics v230 Plc's that i want to network and use tcp to communicate modbus back to Labview DSC scada application. Does any one have any ideas on setup of ethernet etc and modbus to achieve this result or example to forward.New to port setups etc.
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