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  1. Hi, It was who had problem with Remote Operator and bluetooth connection on Windows 7. It was solved by compiling a new Remote Operator with .NET framework 4.0, Saragani works on it yesterday. I think there is also a problem with SD Card Suite. i try to connect to my V130 with bluetooth to manage a micro SD card, but i get the same message : " Serial Port doesn't exist " . Of course i have tested the bluetooth connection with Remote Access and the new Remote Operator. Thanks again. Bruno
  2. hi, it' better, it works now with my Windows 7 - 64 bit and my bluetooth serial connection i try it on a netbook with windows 7 starter, i install new version of .NET 4.0 before and it works too. great thanks for your work. best regards Bruno
  3. last "serial port name" file give us a new result see ur mail
  4. i try the first file you sent, it works

    i can send you pic file of my screen saving during testing.

    files are not so big but more than this forum let me send !

    if u have a email address to give to me .

    mine is bruno.callec.bc@wanadoo.fr

  5. HI, I don't have Visual Studio. Bruno
  6. hi, i have tried this method but no change of result. i always try my bluetooth connection with Remote Access before testing with Remote Operator. but i dont know where i'm making mistakes.
  7. hello, i' m Bruno, a french user. I'm using a V130-33-T2 with a bluetooth card V100-17-BT1. This connection is used to manage PLC without wires, and i would want to use Remote Operator with a PC OS Windows Seven 64 with bluetooth port. But it doesn't work, i can't connect to the PLC, It says " Specified Serial Port doesn't exist ". It works correctly on Remote Access with this configuration but Remote Operator offer to my client a bigger screen of the PLC front. Note that its works very well with cable serial connection on all PC OS (XP, Vista or 7), and with bluetooth with OS (XP and Vis
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