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  1. I am using a simple Belimo, non-spring return, floating point actuator - no analog feedback. Has anybody used a PID loop to control this kind of actuator? The actuator has 2 inputs, 1 to close and both energized to open. Thanks, Matt
  2. Is it possible to export/import alarms configurations between programs? It sure would save me a lot of time. Matt
  3. Thanks for your prompt reply, Emil. It would be a nice option to have, if possible. Matt
  4. Is it possible to rotate a variable on the HMI? For example: if I make several images together into a group, lets say a motor and conveyor assembly, and I want to rotate the assembly. I have not found it possible to rotate on the programming screen although the help tutorial shows a function to rotate an image. I can't highlight the group either and take it to paint to rotate the group. Please advise. This is on a 570-T20
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