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  1. Hello, 

    I'm programming a table and I would like to have like a drop down menu containing food which, when the type is selected like " bananas" it is wrote in the table. It's like a predefined menu containing predefined types . I'm using UniLogic so is it possible ?

    ( an other question : is it possible to store a table with a name and then "increment" its name when storing the following table ( Data_Table_01 then Data_Table_02 ... )

    Thanks :D 

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for you answer, i'm potentially in the second case but when my incrementation button is created, i can't link it to my Analogic Input in order to simulate, the only values selectable are Analogic Outputs, 

    I want to modify values in order to manage a bargraph.


    Here is what i did :

    I selected a UIA-0800N module which will be connected to a Level Sensor. I affected an input with my alias name but the sensor isn't connected yet. I want to test my functions before connecting it


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