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  1. Hello, I'm programming a table and I would like to have like a drop down menu containing food which, when the type is selected like " bananas" it is wrote in the table. It's like a predefined menu containing predefined types . I'm using UniLogic so is it possible ? ( an other question : is it possible to store a table with a name and then "increment" its name when storing the following table ( Data_Table_01 then Data_Table_02 ... ) Thanks
  2. Thanks for your answers i'm going to get that generator.
  3. Hi, Thanks for you answer, i'm potentially in the second case but when my incrementation button is created, i can't link it to my Analogic Input in order to simulate, the only values selectable are Analogic Outputs, I want to modify values in order to manage a bargraph. Here is what i did : I selected a UIA-0800N module which will be connected to a Level Sensor. I affected an input with my alias name but the sensor isn't connected yet. I want to test my functions before connecting it
  4. Hello, I'm new at Automation Programming and i would like to know how to simulate an Analogic Input in Unilogic, in-time modification to test levels etc. Is it possible ?
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