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  1. 3 hours ago, Ausman said:

    Did you also  install  as administrator by using right click/run as admin?  If not, uninstall using something like Revo Uninstaller and install again as admin, and once installed set the .exe to run as admin.

    cheers, Aus


    Thank you for your suggestion, 

    I did that as well, just forgot to mention it. 


    I will try the support thing. 


    Thank you .


  2. 6 hours ago, AlexUT said:

    Hi Orr,

    Please send to support@unitronics.com next information:

    1. PLC serial number. *Located ot PLC body.

    2. Enter PLC INFO mode (password 1111), scroll to System and make screenshot of "Model & O/S Ver" display.

    3. Exact version of VisiLogic you use. *Go to Help-?About and make screenshot.

    !!! DO NOT STORE project back to PLC, as it overwrite project source (Ladder) currentlu stored in PLC memory.



    Thank you for your replay. will try that. 

    Best Regards. 


  3. Hora there!! 

    So I have been trying uploading file from vision 260 (using usb port to rs) 

    everything seems to work fine but while building i  get an Error ( attached) 

    - tried all the available baud rates of the com port, 

    - tried reinstall unitronics on the computer

    - made a full update of the operation system ( windows 7 pro) 

    - tried to search for help on that topic with no luck. 

    - running visiLogic as administrator

    when exiting the process it seems to build kind of a file with lots of ???????????  (language issue? )  

    If anyone have idea please help.


    Thank you 



    error report.jpg

  4. Hi there,


    I have V700 with V200-18-E46B snap, 

    I`m trying to figure out the connection to the analog input from 4-20ma sensor, 

    The data of the v200 state that the maximum V in the analog input is 15, the sensor receives  its V from the controller 24v,

    The output voltage from the sensor is 23. Volts .. 

    Therefor I would assume there will be problem if I connect it to the input of the analog in (based on the maximum V in of the snap in 15v) 

    Am i missing something here? do I need to provide lower voltage to the sensor? add something after the sensor to lower the volts?


    Help please.


    Thank you


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