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  1. Previously I installed the USB driver and it operated without problems until the failure occurred. And as for the configuration for serial communication, I have it as indicated: https://content.invisioncic.com/r129856/monthly_2021_03/imagen.png.4bc4b46f71c82361edca523943d26d9b.png And it works fine until step 2 of the installation of "Binary Library version". I have opened the equipment in search of stains due to humidity, corrosion, etc., nothing strange at first glance. The only additional it has is the ethernet module, I will try disassembling it. Greetings
  2. Thanks, is what I imagined. But I have not managed to identify the COM1 in V570, is COM1 the PORT1?
  3. Thanks, I'll try 10 seconds. I have been using a USB to MiniUSB cable via MiniUSB port. Thanks, when the program indicates "COM 1", does it specifically refer to "COM 1" on my PC?
  4. Hi, thanks, because it had been operating without changes or problems, I also suspect that it is a hardware problem. But first I want to see if it is possible to solve it via software, since if it is hardware, the solution is more complicated and beyond my current skills. Thanks, as I see its the solution that would require more skills
  5. Hello, no, it has been operating for the last 3 years almost non-stop, the failure was noticed the day after it happened. Changing the battery is also in the plans, I haven't done it yet, but I will. I appreciate the advice.
  6. Hello, thank you, the equipment is already 3-4 years old, the warranty is no longer an option. Sorry, but I don't know what "cooler and heater hardware" refers to. I tried with the version of Visilogic 8.0.1, for others the website tells me that I should send an email to support, I will. Regarding the connection, I have been using the USB-MINIUSB cable and seeing the comments I understand that I should be using “Port 1” with a USB-serial cable for this purpose, is it correct?
  7. Good day, I come to request your help with the following problem. Returning to the plant, we found our V570 plc with the following error screen. Prior to that, it was operating normally and no modifications had been made. I have followed the procedure that I found in the forum: As follow But it always fails in step 3 "installation of PLC BOOT" I have also disconnected the battery for 1 min, there were no changes. Is there any other method to fix the problem? Thanks in advance
  8. Good day. I´m new at using PLC so i reach to you for some guidance. I have a PLC v570 and i need to register a table when the bobine is turned on or off, in other words, registering 0/1 (or off/on). I´ve registered other information in the table before without any trouble but with the bobine´s registry i found myself a little lost. I'd really appreciate your help. Greetings.
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