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  1. Hello, You can see Allen Bradley application link below: https://www.pilz.com/download/open/AN_PNOZm_2_Eth_IP_ControlLogix_1003899-EN-01.pdf
  2. Hello everyone, I have a project and I want to establish communication between Unitronics V430 and Pilz PNOZ m B0. There are application notes for Siemens and Allen Bradley on Pilz's website. But no notes for Unitronics. Have anybody done this before? And if yes, could you share your experiences about it?
  3. Hello Joel, Thank you for your reply. I made a simulation in my workshop today and your answer is working. Thank you very much.
  4. Hello everybody, I have a project: A sensor detects the broken bottles and after 3 bottles later a piston rejects the broken bottles. I have done it with siemens plc you can see as attachment, but I couldn't do it on Visilogic. How can I do it with visilogic? I don't know which operands will I use. I0.0 is broken bottle sensor and I0.1 is bottle counter sensor. Q4.0 is reject piston.
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