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  1. Inserting the decimal value (3338) directly to the MI has worked. I was trying with a only the value for the LF so I guess since it was only one character it took it as the LF+Null. As an aditional note it apears that the Email Content Type must be plain text and not HTML for this method to work. Thanks Joe!
  2. Hello! First of all let me say that I am a beginner with unitronics PLCs but so far I am quite happy with them! Now, about the topic. I have programmed a Vision 430 to send E-mails and would like to add some information on the content of the e-mail. This is easy using the "indirect mail content" option, however I need to build the text depending on different cases, so I am trying to use a section of MI's to do so. However when the a-mail arrives all the text apears to be in the same line. I tryed inserting a String with a Line Feed in the MI's linked to the mail content but it doesnt seem to work and all the text that follows is not sent, I belive maybe it is being taken as a Null Character. So, does anyone know how to add Line Feeds direcctly to the MI's or the indirect email content. I hope my question is clear since english is not my first language, sorry for any mistakes!
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