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  1. Hi Aus, thanks for the support. Yes, when the coil is de-energized, a short time after (instant to 10 minutes) the PLC goes "Roy Munson" (that is a Kingpin movie reference). Correct, this panel was designed and built without regard to best practices, standards, noise, guidelines, solar flares or silk underwear. I have been doing software exclusively for a while (how the cards were dealt), and I know a tiny bit about electrical from just working in this field for 25 years. I can not count all of the things I would have done differently in this panel...some of it is just common
  2. We are going to try Diodes on each solenoid valve, across the Coil, reverse bias. From reading on the interwebs, it would appear the 1N4004 is the go to diode. I will report back.
  3. Hello - So the noise is coming from a 24VDC valve solenoid coil. The coil is being energized directly off of the Snap IO output (I didn't design this). Question - I am not an electronics type, more software. So options... Opto Relay? Solid State Relay? Diode Snubber Circuit? I would like to test with a Diode, has anyone used this method, and if you did, which type of diode was selected? Thank you! Paul p.s. - I am sick to my stomach over this. Work, make mistakes and learn,
  4. Thanks Flex727 - no, I didn't add any tape or screw it down. I rerouted some IO away from 575 and motor leads, after doing that the results were dramatic, I went from a fault every 15 minutes to one fault after 14 days. I am ordering a new Snap IO Module and V570, was talking to Micheal from Unitronics just now, and the thought was that the unit could be degraded from all the previous noise exposure. It is probably a long shot, but something we are going to do. I am also going to be probing for noise as well at checking all grounding. One last item to try was to float
  5. Well, it is back after 14 days of running. The PLC/HMI starts to beep slowly and then Black Screens. Unitronics tech support is suggesting OS is corrupted? Is it possible unit has been degraded? I am considering replacing the V570 as well as the Snap IO board.
  6. I want to thank everyone who responded... Thank you! I fixed the issue within 90 minutes. The digital IO to and from the drive (Run Command and Drive Faulted) were tie-wrapped to the 575 VFD Line Supply. They had installed Line Reactor beside the 24 VDC power supply (yes, un-shielded motor leads up and out of the control panel) Shields on twisted pair cabled had been snipped off, so there was no drain connection to ground. I ran new digital IO wired and connected the drains at one end to ground The new digital IO wired crossed the 575 at 90 degrees, and I mad
  7. Hello, Going to start troubleshooting tomorrow morning. One more piece of information. Before the stop error, V570 starts beeping before it faults out. Going to check grounding and cable routing and probe for noise.
  8. I have been talking to our local Uni dealer. He gave me some varistors to try, also some 120ohm and .1uF caps. Of course I will try to eliminate at the source, but if I can't has anyone added these types of noise filters to the Snap IO points? I will post some noise pics next week! Hope everyone has a nice weekend!
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