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  1. I'm looking for someone to write a program for a chemical dispenser/mixer using visologic and the V130 PLC. Basic concept is to take a few ingredients, mix them in a container using a pump and then dispense to a hold tank.
  2. I'm writing a pretty basic couple of nets, and I can't get a pump to turn on in a certain instance. It turns on in net 2, but not Net 1. Can somone please explain what I'm doing wrong? And how I can fix it?
  3. I'm running a test cycle for the program, and I want the whole thing to cycle through endlessly without having to trigger the Pressure mat. So once the pressure relief valve closes, it would start the cycle again, Ideally it would start again in between the pressure mat and the O1. Would I make the reset of the pressure relief valve trigger MB1? I will clean up the program and try that and respond if I can't get it to work.
  4. I will clean it up, thanks for the help. What function would I use to get O1 to start again without triggering the input, thereby starting the whole routine again?
  5. I don't think the U90 ladder has an increment function, at least not one I can locate. Is there an alternative method? Also I am going to put it on a timer once it's on. I do know how to do that. Thanks for you help.
  6. Here's what I have so far. It didn't work so I don't think I'm doing this correctly. That's a compare function. I didn't notice a counter going up.
  7. I'm trying to setup a function where an output will turn on when an input is trigger 30 times. so the basis is: A valve will open up once a switch is triggered 30 times. Thanks for the help.
  8. Is there a textbook anyone would recommend? I found this one on Amazon, not sure how helpful it will be https://www.amazon.com/dp/0073510882/ref=rdr_ext_sb_ti_hist_2
  9. The total system will be: Single input: 1 pressure mat 3 outputs 1) Solenoid valve 2) Air valve 3) Pressure relief valve Here is how I want these turned on and off. Maybe you can help with the delays. Thanks The order is, the pressure mat is pressed and then right away the air valve turns on (total of 3.1 seconds). The tricky ones are the next ones. I need the solenoid valve turned on for 3 seconds but I want a 0.1 second delay. And then the pressure relief valve will turn on after this 3.1 seconds elapses. Time interval start to stop (total of 3.6 seconds) valve 0.1s 3 seconds 0.5 seconds solenoid off On Off air valve on On Off pressure relief Off Off On
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