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  1. Download All and a blank project didn't help and so has Power cycle the PLC many. However, I was contacted by Unitronics headquarters (remote session) about this issue. A remote session was done from there and the problem was solved. They found an issue with username/password control and said it can cause a problem once in a blue moon. If it ever happens again, the remedy for a user is to reinstall the UniStream OS. They said this will be corrected with the next OS version. To Eduardo and everyone else involved: Thanks for your help. A definite reason for us to stick with Unitronics.
  2. Here's my server setup (Password is Pass99.): Here's what happens when I try to connect using FileZilla: Here's what happens when I try to connect using the Windows FTP client: When I first used FTP, it worked. Then I didn't use it for about 3 weeks. After that, I got this problem. During that time, I changed nothing except my project file (ladder and HMI changes). I tried an older project file from before the problem occurred and still get the problem. I also tried connecting from a different PC - still no luck. Someone suggested running the client as administrator. I'm running an admin account on both PC's. Any ideas?
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