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  1. I can't get the Android remote operator app to work on a V290 B20 PLC. I can connect fine on a PC with the Windows app. I noticed that this model isn't listed in the supported models, which is no doubt the reason it doesn't work. Can someone confirm that its definitely not possible? Or is there another way to provide remote access from an Android device? Just want to be sure before I tell my customer that they'll have to upgrade the PLC to allow remote access from their phone! Thanks
  2. Is there a way to enable VNC remote access to the Vision series? I.e. enable remote access by any generic VNC viewer, not have to use the Unitronics remote access app. Thanks
  3. Have a project that requires printing of batch reports etc, using a standard network printer, I'm assuming using a PCL driver. No doubt I should use FB protocol TCP/IP, but as far as the PCL codes etc. go I'm a bit lost. Is there possibly a example project available I can use? Appreciate any help that can be provided... Thanks guys
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