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  1. Indeed, everything works as it should now. Thanks everybody for your support. It was the DNS who wasn't configured correctly. Now it communicates with a MySQL database which stays on Amazon Cloud RDS service. It also connects to an address not only on an IP which is great.
  2. More updates . Not sure if the DNS is correct but now I know what error I'm getting "2003 can't connect to MySQL server on ip address (101)" Nevertheless, I can't manage to make it working. I also installed MySQL server locally and didn't work either. It must be something on PLC communications settings or it doesn't like MySQL. Does anyone has a project with a basic query for MySQL that works so i will modify only the communications and database server? Thanks
  3. The status looks similar as in the answer from the link. I have looked into that one as well. It might be any firewall or something like this that can block the communication with the server?
  4. Hi everybody, I'm struggling to make a controller to submit data from a controller USP-070-B10/B08 to a MySql Database that stays on Amanzon cloud. I made a project using Unilogic v 1.19.83 same as the one in the controller. Did the connections and queries I wanted but nothing happens. it looks like it's not communicating at all with the database. I'm not even seeing a connection in my server manager. There is any tutorial, hints or something somewhere to guide me (I attached some screens as well)? Thanks
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