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  1. Thanks Guys! I am thinking that possibly Ausman's idea of using an older laptop with serial is a good solution. Also thinking of using a VBox virtual machine. OS windows 7 and then no updates. Do you think that could work?
  2. Thanks for response Flex727. I have ethernet option on the V1210. I will look into same for V130. Still would like to resolve the issue though...
  3. Hi folks I’m working for OEM and we have both V1210 and V130 in each panel. I have successfully downloaded programs to 8 systems using laptop (Lenovo 510) running windows10 and visilogix 9.8.65. I installed drivers once only. No problems after that. [ note: V130 cable is USB to serial port adapter + mj10-22-cs25 + modem cable to port 1 on V130.] HOWEVER-Yesterday went to site with same laptop and same cables to download . No luck ! We ended up with errors on both the V130 and V1210. Both had unsuccessful downloads. On attempts to communicate with V130. came up with the li
  4. Okay thanks Alex; I'll look into this when I get more time. I've got 6 systems in the field and also want to look at adding in a data historian server for data analysis.
  5. Flex 727 - SD Card is formatted and is successfully logging additional tables every minute. SD card is 14.4GB SB217 is 1 when card is installed HTML is stored in Web folder as advised
  6. Has anyone managed to get the enhanced webserver running on a V1040? I have had success using the simple webserver. This works fine both locally and remotely, so port forwarding is operational. I would like to use the enhanced webserver ( using HTML). I downloaded the sample to my V1040 , and compiled the start.html ( as directed from webinar), and stored it on my SDCard. When I go to browser and type in IP ( local or remote) the website never appears.. Seems okay when I run the preview in Brackets. Any thoughts/suggestions?
  7. I'm having some intermittent problems with a V 1040. When I power up , The touch screen will often just not work. I've checked the SB 8 bit online and it doesn't respond to a touch. The battery is new and shows status as good. I can access and control online through remote operator even when the screen is completely frozen. This is been happening intermittently for a boat two months now and I cannot find a solution . Any suggestions would greatly help
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