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  1. hi Joe, I wish I could but the other machines are in operation and in a different state! (location) . I plan on on getting the faulty machine back here for further analysis. I don't have a oscilloscope but do have a DMM with frequency input . I already used this the check the frequency output of the flowmeter all the way back to plc and it was fine . saying that I dont know what the trigger voltage and time scale is for the DMM vs the PLC. I might invest in oscilloscope to better understand what if if any changes are happening to the signal. while I am the designer of the ove
  2. Hi all, I'm new to this forum and wish to pick the brains of anyone that could suggest a fix for a very unusual problem is occurring on a vision 570 with v200-18-E3XB snap in. We have built 5 identical machines that are essentially batch fillers using the vision 570 with V200-18-E3XB. All machines have identical programs. We have a flow meter that pulses out 1 pulse for every gram of product or about 25 pulses per second. we feed this pulse into the HSC and totalise until the desire value is reached . simple! except one of the machines counts for a while , say a minute or two
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