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  1. Thanks for ur answears guys. I didn't know about the possiblity of changing graphic resolution - as it turned out graphic was not a problem, silly me Recently, I figured out that there are new 10' and 15' Unitronics screens from USL series (USL-101-B05 and USL-156-B05) so my problem was solved.
  2. Hey guys, I am looking for alternative to PLC Vision V1040 that I have been using for few years. I mostly used it without a snap, but with connection to additional I/O, because my needs forced me to separate PLC from control panel so I am not interested in Unistream Modular but rather Unistream Built in or Unistream PLC with Virtual HMI. However I would like to still use a 10 inch screen. My questions: 1. Why Unitronics did not provide USL-010 (Unistream Display) or US10(Unistream Built-in) screens? 2. Maybe graphic is much worse when sb tries to use Unistream PLC like e.g. USC-B1
  3. Hey guys, I am struggling to use Polish signs such as "ł" in text in v1040 screen because these signs are not accessible in complex keyboard. Is it possible somehow? I tried so use indirect MI(136 value) to string from library but I didn't help. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi, The plc has about a year and works(touchscreeen and its functionality) but the keys underneath the screen don't seem to respond. They are not needed to daily use(mainly they are use for showing status or some settings menu). I will go to the factory where the plc is placed in 2-3 weeks and try your idea. After that I will give a reply in this topic unless the plc has a hardware issue. Thanks for your answer!
  5. Hi all, Is it possible to lock function keys underneath main screen in v1040? It happened and I am not sure if the PLC needs to be fixed or there is a trick to lock and unlock. Thanks in advance!
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