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  1. So I have wrote a program that we use on our conveyor for sorting tubing. We get a good/bad signal from a gauge, then use this to tell the conveyor when to blow a part into the conveyor. So the program works well for what we need, but I have found an issue when we started using it. I want to fill batch 1, then start to fill batch 2. When I am filling batch 2 I pull the parts and reset the part count on batch 1 to 0, well when I do this is starts counting again in batch 1. looking at my program this is exactly how I wrote it. I went to solve this issue today, and I cant seem to come up
  2. Joe, Ausman I fixed the issue by just resetting my computer. Not fun, but there was def garbage left over. So I have uploaded my program for you to check out. Please let me know what I need to fix. It seems like it works from what I can tell, but I might could have done something better. I'm happy with it. thanks for all your help guys TW 1 blow 2 batch.vlp
  3. So this started the other day, I tried to upload a file that I had saved, to this forum. When I tried to open the folder the file was in, it just closed the entire my documents folder and exited to the desktop. Then I tried to save the program to another location and when I hit save as, it would open the file explores, circles while waiting about 10 seconds, and then close visilogic and exit to desktop. This was with .79. So I uninstalled .79, and reloaded .65, its been twice now. I still cannot save a file. I can start a new project, do one line of code, go to save and it closes visilog
  4. Ausman, I don't know about installing as admin, but I think I need to know. I have uninstalled twice and it still just closes visilogic and exits to windows every time I try to save. This is .65. Any help is appreciated. Ok found the admin, still does it. this is terrible, cant even use the PLCs I got. Maybe I need to reboot the computer, but man that's a lot to figure out why this is crashing. ill let you know and hopefully post a program sometime. thanks TW
  5. ausman, Flex727. It got it working using SB15, pulse on rise. Exactly what I needed. I would post the file, but it shuts downs visilogic everytime I try to save, Soon as it brings up the file folder it shuts down. I was able to download to my PLC and try it, but cant save it. I think it may be my laptop. I also uninstalled .79 and installed .65. Hopefully I can get it posted. thanks again
  6. That a bummer. I am getting a little upset with Visilogic night, besides what you wrote. I made a folder to save my files in on my documents and I cannot even open the folder anymore, When I try to save my program with save as, it crashes the filed folder. And now you tell me this, upsetting. here is the photos of what I got. If need be, I will delete this and reload the over version if I can. I don't have anything worth keeping. Thanks much Tyler
  7. Let me try again. So I just tried the 1sec SB and now I think the 100mS SB setting is just running in a loop, not just firing a pulse every 100mS. I have not idea. Trying to attach the file but its crashing my computer. Ill keep trying. Its version 9.8.79
  8. So I posted before and was completely green, now I am a shade different green. So I am writing a program to control my conveyor. It takes a good part signal from the puller, then I want it to wait a certain time that the user inputs and then activate a digital output so that it will then fire a blow off via relay and blow my tubes into a catch tray. I got everything working pretty good for my first program, and I could probably rig this to make the blow off work as I want, but I want to know why its not counting at the 100mS rate I think it should be counting at per the SB. Please, I am ve
  9. first off thanks Flex727, it is working. 2ns, thanks Ausman.
  10. Uniguru, first off, I didn't have any power to the snap I/o, so that is problem #1. I haven't switched any jumpers, are these the ones located on the back of the V570? Many thanks for the first simple fix of not having any power to it. I bought this used, or not in a box, so no manual and this is my first time using any PLC. Thanks Tyler
  11. So I am completely new to PLCs and HMI, but I am engineer, so I think I should be able to figure this out. So either I have completely missed something or the snap in I/O I bought is not good. I am using 570 with V200-18-E3XB. All I want to do it put a analog voltage out to V0 and read it on my volt meter. I would post the 3 lines of codeI have, but don't know how. So I have AO 0 as 0-10V with tag MI0 on the snap in setup. I then linearize a 0-10000 scale to 0-4095 bits and label this as MI0. On the HMI i have output bit and voltage scaled and displayed correctly, but then the
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