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  1. The timer is working flawlessly now, thank you so much. I'll figure this other little glitch out in due time.
  2. I've been playing best guess like crazy. I've gotten through some of it, now I see I needed another function for the timer to work properly. You've been a big help. You deserve that top guru title!!!
  3. I'm awfully close!! 2 problems. 1: I can't get the total test time from the incremental to the display in a usable format. 2: On initial startup, the off counter starts first. Plus if there's a time in either counter, it runs that time and then starts the new time. If you run a full cycle and don't change anything, it works perfectly each subsequent time, but if you do a fresh start or change a time it causes a problem. I'm not sure how else to describe the problem, but I tried the reset idea above, and nothing would run. There seemed to be a conflict due to the reset timer bit used earlier in the program. I'm excited that I'm close, but frustrated because it's still causing me grief. Thanks again for all your help. DynoWithWorkingCounter5.vlp
  4. While it is alot closer to perfect, I'm still having a couple issues I'll post tomorrow as I'm sending this from home and don't have the file. One problem is how to reset the actual timers. They start back at the last stopping point no matter what so I need to figure a way to zero them. Also it's now starting with the off timer as opposed to the on timer, which I think it always did, but now it isn't running itself down before I hit start. I'll explain more tomorrow.
  5. It's working! I had to start that latch bit in a set position so it threw me for a second, but it's doing what I need. Now to write an inc to count just the motor run time and figure how to display it on the HMI and it's golden. Thank you a million times over!!!!
  6. Wow! This thing's had me so distraught I missed the forest for the trees! THANK YOU!!!
  7. Ok, I've gotten a very long way, and the way I got there may not be the best way, but it works.......ALMOST!!! It does everything I currently need, except for being able to hit stop when the motor is off. You hit stop while the motor is running and it pauses the timer beautifully, you hit stop when the motor is off and the off timer just keeps on going. I understand why, what I'm having trouble with is finding a solution that works anywhere in the cycle. As usual any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks. DynoWithWorkingCounter3.vlp
  8. Definitely helpful. You're right, A-B has your timer needs more than covered, and you'd think they would be harder and more complicated to use, but the new standard is the 3 timer setup, so I guess it's time to figure it all out. Thanks for the help. I don't have it yet, but I'm workin' on it.
  9. I had checked the help file, but I couldn't really find anything either. I'm sorry to bother ya'll, I'm just fumbling my way through this and realized a little help would be necessary. Thanks for any and all help you can give.
  10. I'm trying to write a program for a Samba to turn a motor on and off. I need to be able to input an on time and off time on the HMI and for it to run in a loop. I got that far as bastardized as my code may have been, but I need the timers to pause and not reset if they stop the motor for a period of time. He also wants to be able to set a TOTAL on timer that only counts the time while the motor is running. The bulk of my experience has been with Allen Bradley and while I love the Unitronics product, I'm having a little trouble adapting. Thanks for any and all help. On the one I attached I managed to put a counter in where they could set a number and it would stop after that number was reached, but the way I'm writing it doesn't allow it to be "paused" for repair or inspection without resetting the counters. DynoWithWorkingCounter1.vlp
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