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  1. Good Afternoon Family I am stuck again on what will undoubtedly be a simple solution but the brain fog has set in and now i cannot seem to remember my name let alone what how to do this. So i need to store a number and a time on a page of a Samba, it is a simple counter counting logs in a saw mill, i need to save the last number with the time and date when the reset button is pressed, so i have a counter working wonderfully , but now i need to add the date and time the number was stored.
  2. Hi All, i have tried the solution provided by @Flex727 and the solution works pretty well, i did have to change the MI inputs to ML inputs as the number was overrunning and becoming negative, not really sure if that is the correct way but it did seem to work, one issue i seem to get is that sometimes my analog input seems to go negative and that really screws up my average, is there a way to stop my analog input going negative, i do have a calibration adjustment which i would like to stop at 0 but can potentially go negative.
  3. Good Morning Guys / Gals I am trying to find a solution for a piece of test equipment that i have built for a client, i am using a SM43 with Analog inputs and outputs and when we built the equipment the client wanted a peak reading, he is now asking for an average reading. The test being carried out is about 15 seconds long and the first 2 seconds are ignored so in essence i need to average a reading from a 0-10v input for 13 seconds and display it on the screen at the end of the test, i am hitting a total blank of how to do this my thoughts were to take a sample every 1/2 second and add together and divide the end result but the amount of code seems huge, is there a simpler way to do it or even a block i am missing, or can i create a block with all this code in. Thanks
  4. i guess i didnt explain it very well LOL. it works well now i just need to tune it to the machine. Thanks Pau;l
  5. Ok this did it perfectly, thanks Joe for pointing me in the right direction.
  6. Ausman the speed will be set prior to the test dependent on the operator, the test must be at a steady speed or it will not work correctly, but the test can be done at any speed between 1RPM and 60 RPM, this is all determined by the scientist running the test, some believe a slow test is the correct way some believe a fast test is better
  7. i dont need to increase or decrease rotations, it only runs one rotation and thats it test over, the speed is manually selected using up or down buttons, i know how long 1 rotation takes depending on speed so all i need to do is basically T1 to 10 seconds when speed 6Rpm is selected, and T1 to 60 seconds when 1 RPM is set and so on. this is for a tester for the paper industry
  8. The drum is stationary and is started by pressing the start button, one rotation takes X amount of time at Speed Y. this machine works like this and has for 40 years it currently has a 10k pot that goes into a timer and has some setpoints, all i need to know is how to change a timebase when i change the speed of the drum, the drum is about 1 foot in diameter and only runs for 1 rotation accuracy is not 100% critical if it runs for a fraction of a turn longer its not too critical.
  9. Hey all, I need to adjust the time of a timer dependent on an MI bit, basically i need the timer to increase or decrease with a speed signal, for example on average, it takes 20 seconds for 1 rotation of a drum on a piece of test equipment, but some operators prefer to run the tester faster and some slower so if the tester wants to run a slower test one drum rotation will take longer, and if the tester runs a faster test a drum rotation will take less time. The test equipment only wants to do 1 rotation and its speed is determined by 0-10v signal to a DC speed controller hence the MI bit i want to hit a start button and the timer automatically stop after one rotation, there is no facility for an input to determine one rotation as it never has a set start position. Any help will be greatly appreciated
  10. Hi Flex, i had only the time with hours and mins set and it would not let me select the tick box, when i selected hours mins and seconds it allowed the tick box, all is good now. Thank you
  11. i have the time and date inserted into my program, but i cannot enable the keyboard so it can be edited, am i missing something?
  12. Good Afternoon Guys Is there any way that i can set the time and date from the HMI on the Samba. I have an application where the HMI/PLC will be shipped internationally and the Samba will be locked down, now as it will be shipped i need a way to set the time and date by the user, this is my first Samba project and up to now its going really well but a few things have stumped me.
  13. I had already put my start test bit in place of the timer but like a dumb ass i didnt put it as a positive transition, it works now LOL i have spent to long staring at this goddam tester and i am getting fuddled LOL. I thank you sir you are awesome. I have spent to long commissioning other peoples work and not long enough doing my own programming
  14. Thanks Joe i just tried that but i might not have explained myself correctly. i need to record the highest value seen during a test . So for example an average test is 20 seconds long but can vary depending on the operator so the time is a variable, when the test is running MB1 is active and is telling a trend to run, the test is looking at a Torque sensor and as the torque increases i need to see the peak value and record it on the HMI until a new test is run. The test can look something like this, the current method of testing requires an operator to manually watch a torque display an remember the highest reading. I very much appreciate any assistance you offer
  15. Hoping someone can help me out here, i need to record the maximum value of an analog input during a given time frame. i was hoping to use GET MAX like this> but the MAX only stores the value when MB4 is not active Any one have an example of how i can take an analog input and store the peak value that is seen in a 20 second period, or maybe there is a way i can take the peak value from a trend. I also need to to figure a way to record the value every second so i can work out an average.
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