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  1. Hi Joe Thank you for the reply, the air pressure is pumped up by a frequency driver and a motor pump which the pressure is adjusted by this Samson 6111 i/p converter. the pressure then goes to the valve which controls the flow of air. I made a drawing in the attachment. The air pressure in the tank is monitored/read by a normal pressure transmitter where the PLC takes on the PID section. as ive come to understand i may have to use the linerzation block for the analog input and then make use of the timers. still working with a solution. cheers Magnus
  2. Hey there folkz. I have a test station here that i prep for 2021. Im not to well used for plc progamming so i hope i can get my answers here. The task is to make A program to be created in sequence with a percentage increase in air pressure in the tank, with fixed consumption. The working area of the tank is 0-5bar The sequence is as follows: Tank pressure increases to 25% The pressure is kept stable for 1 min Tank increases to 50% held for 1 min Tank increases to 75% held for 1 min Tank drops to 25% and the sequence is reatarted. i understand that pid is involved i
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