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  1. I am using a UMI-022BE-B1 controled through modbus to lift trash bins (on a truck) My problem is that when I am lifting a load and stop the machine fall back around 15 cm before stoping (see picture) I used to run the same machine with Omron inverters there I set the Injector DC-Breaking to stop and hold the load while the mecanical break took hold. But I am gettin the feeling that the Unitronics DC-Braking setting are mostly cosmetic since no matter how I play with them nothing happens. I tried using P013. Short Circut breaking. Both at 75% and 100% power for 3 second and the on
  2. I am using a USC-B5-R38 to run two inverters UMI-022BE-B1 most of the time I try to start them running with "VFD Run frequency Mode" the output code becomes -4 (goes through 2 before) The VFDs are active, Enable communication is on vfd is connected = 1 Enable periodic status Read = 1 I can download and upload profiles but trying to get the inverters running nearly always gives me error nr -4 "Communication timeout exceeded" . (mod edited out your email address, Daniel)
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