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  1. Thanks everyone that responded, I've used the VFD on board PID for each pump, and the V700 for pump specific enable conditions. Working a treat. Cheers.
  2. Thanks Aus, I do agree with you re my innate issue of different size pumps. The pump set is providing water for irrigation reticulation and has a fairly conservative pressure SP re maximum bar for the pipework, with PRV etc where appropriate, so pressure bumps are not a concern. I had hoped with careful management of pump and PID enables, I could manage this but its proving to be a mare. As you suggest it may be more effective to reroute the feedback into the VFD's, then use one only VFD's for PID, enabled via the PLC when conditions are met. Can you expand on the reason for the -4 PID Status on start up of Autotune?, I don't really follow what can be done to mitigate this.
  3. Thanks Kratmel, the issue with this set up is I have 4kw, 7.5kw, 18.5kw and 55kw pumps so as to provide a flow rate range depending on draw off pressure line. My thinking there is each pump will need its own PID which I have running continuously, however only one pump will be enabled to respond to pressure drop depending on rate of fall from SP pressure. Using this theory, I am probably best stopping the disabled pumps respective PID loops until the VFD is called?.
  4. Hi all, I'm new with Unitronics PID and struggling a bit so please help. I'm having some trouble with PID auto tune for a pumping application trying to achieve a set point pressure. I have V700 and 2x IO-AI4-AO2, a 0-10bar (4-20mA) pressure transducer as my process feedback and 4-20mA output to a VFD scaled to 0-50Hz, using 4x pumps of varying size so introduce the next size up if duty pump cant reach SP, therefore using 4x PID loops writing to 4x analogue output channels. When starting auto tune I'm getting -4 status fairly quickly and also -11 often so auto tune not completing. Being verticle multistage pumps, once the VFD is given run enable, the VFD is internally set up to ramp quickly to 30Hz min speed before following the mA speed ref, which appears to be 50Hz anyway from the PID control output. Is this integral error -4 due to forcing the VFD to 30Hz outside of the PID control on start up?. Can anyone suggest why I'm getting this -4, do I need to force the integral error to zero? Your help will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi all, I have a Visilogic program running in a V700 that is sending Direct Mail Content emails successfully. I would like to be able to send Indirect Mail Content with some descriptive text accompanying the content but this Indirect Mail Content option only allows me to send 1x MI. Can I configure to send something like the following: Plant Throughput: xxxx m3 Waste: xxxx m3 Total use: xxxx m3 The above xxxx's are MI's Is this possible using String to ASCII, Part of String etc blocks, or do I need to have an SD card and export a data table as an attachment. V700 is very remote and hoping not to have to travel to install card..... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  6. SMTP2GO works and all is well with the world, thanks for your help!. Cheers.
  7. Thanks guys for the feedback, Ill get hold of Dan and see how he got on with SMTP2GO..... Cheers.
  8. Thanks for reply, at least that will put an end to my attempts with that provider. Any suggestions for an alternate provider that doesn't use SSL?
  9. Hi all, I'm new to this forum although have browsed for solutions many times. Knew I would have to join as some stage so here I am, stuck with this one and would appreciate some advice... I'm trying to configure a V700 to send an email via account with mail server smtp.mail.com I understand this provider doesn't use SSL. I've used appropriate MB bit to ensure socket has connected and introduced a delay before email send, and configured email FB as shown. MI52 email status = 1 when server has connected and email is in progress, however once socket has closed, MI52 = 9 (error occurred sending email data). The only data I'm sending is the text shown..... "test" Can anyone suggest what I'm doing wrong here?, you ideas would be greatly appreciated!!. Hanging out for the MI52 =2........
  10. Hi JMorel and all, wondering how you progressed with this...... I've been unsuccessful with sending an email via hoist mail.com , the socket connects (ethernet card reader bit #22 = 23) and email status MI52 =1 (in progress), but then =5 (incorrect "from" format. Is this due to mail.com using SSL?. Has anyone got a fix for this without having to upgrade to UniStream?. Thanks.
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