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  1. Ans: hi all~!! i got both sockets working for two wireless devices~!! Thanks & Cheerzzz~!!! Pls see the link below reading analogue & digital signals.. 😄 https://www.dropbox.com/s/7a10ab5fdqiefnt/Two sockets to two wise devices.MOV?dl=0
  2. Ans: Agree. Initially I building one code only and tested successfully before going to the 2nd one however encounter problem. I'm rebuilding the 2nd one with socket2 to test it out before I merge them as one again. See how it goes. Cheers~~!! Below my testing of the respond times to a wireless device for socket0 only . https://www.dropbox.com/s/9ymdi5s45o9k4vs/Wireless device simulation running from slave11 to 37.mp4?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/haq72vhmarqqhow/Wireless devices connection.MOV?dl=0
  3. Ans: Agree. Currently what i'm doing is to remove the faulty one and test and keep the one that is working and rebuilt and re-assign code addressing for the 2nd one again with the working codes. I shall test it individually before merging them as one however today I'm not with my controller. Maybe I will do it tomorrow. Noted with thanks. Something I realized that only socket0 & socket2 have something to do with Modbus however socket2 seem only allow slave connection and only socket0 can be used as master client. Correct me if i'm wrong. Currently I'm replacing the 2nd one with socket
  4. I had separated the two connected blocks however it still no good when I switch my wireless device to IP"39". There were no respond to SB148 . For your information both the logic is identical except the IP and port number is different.
  5. Ans: I shall try on port 503 for socket1 and separate them into two rungs and remove SB1 to try out. Thank you so much for your advice.~!! cheerzz~~!!
  6. Ans: I did inserted a first pass SB2 in front just that it is too long to display the whole ladder
  7. can two different sockets use the same port number 502 for Modbus communication? Seem to me
  8. Hi there.. so far my socket0 is working fine when a wireless device is connected to it however I tried to implement socket1 for the same usage so as to concurrently receive data out of two sockets however the 2nd socket1 is not working. Currently i'm testing with the 1 wireless unit ip and switching it IP to the last digit 39 to test for socket1 no matter how many time I triggered, it cannot respond with SB148 on. port number for socket0 502 & socket1 20000. Can any advice on this please??
  9. Thank you so much for the valuables informations to me. I will try out and see which methods the best to reduce the read out times per unit. Cheerzzz~~!!
  10. Hi there.. I'm also using a single socket0 to read out values of 20 slaves unit with individual having an unit IP address last digit 1 to 20 for example? Can i do it by just changing the last digit of an IP address MI2243 . So do i need to close/open socket every time when i'm reading values out of it upon the complete switching? Or i just need to change the IP without toggling the socket at all? How to go about doing it? How long it take for the values to be ready to be read upon the socket reopened? How long do i need to close the socket before i can reopen it again to read the next IP val
  11. Hi i found a link for an answer for the indirect email text resolved by Ofir Unitronics Support Guru
  12. Hi there, i only can find append buffer to SD file instead of user file. Is this the same? By the way visilogic can assign an indirect tags to the "from email", so can unilogic also able to assign an indirect tags account on hmi for user to define himself instead of using a fix one?
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