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  1. Chers tous, J'essaye de sauvegarder les données avec la date et la date. Par exemple : je voudrais enregistrer une valeur comme UINT16 chaque jour et faire un DTI avec les 365 jours de l'année et enregistrer la mise Le DTI ressemblera à ceci: rangée valeur Date 1 12 01/02/2020 2 52 02/02/2020 3 65 03/02/2020 4 78 04/02/2020 5 92 05/02/2020 6 15 06/02/2020 La meilleure économie sera à minuit. Et je voudrais enregistrer si le processeur est allumé si sur la ligne du DTI sera vide. Je ne sais pas si c'est possible? BR
  2. Hi, I find the answer. My problem come from 16 bits and 32 bit. I tryed the send a 16 bits value to a 32 bits register. Big mistake. I joint my progam. Thank you for the help. Kévin test RS485.vlp
  3. Hi, I have this software, it uses the same connection as the port RS485 but the software communicates via RS232. I want to modify the speed of the motor with the samba with RS485.In fact I have a machine with two of this servo driver and the speed is a value used for the good functioning of the machine. The operation must be this one : someone writes the speed on the HMI of SAMBA and SAMBA modifies the speed of the driver. Regards, Kévin
  4. Hi, I suspect the thread is not as the servo driver would like. That is why I modified the theart parameters and the read again and I do not have any answer. I do not have any possibility to watch the thread to verify the communication. I will try to build the protocol that could make me sure that the thread is good. Regards, Kévin
  5. Hi, When I make a sending message to the register I read before. Then the servo driver send a alarm to his HMI( AL019). Normaly I had the same communication parameters for send a message or read a answer. I do not understand why the servo driver react like this. I give you my code. Thank you Kévin test RS485.vlp
  6. Hi Denis and Joe Tauser, I listen you and I have a answer from the Samba. I made a program which is switching the adress port ID and save the register which is answer. Its is all right for the moment. I try to change the resgiter value with RS485 for the moment that do not really work well. In attach you will find the program which is scan the port ID. Regards Kevin test RS485.vlp
  7. Hello, I tried to get a answer from the register 0. It is always the same answer from the SAMBA. Normaly DW7 is egal to DW8 if the PLC get a answer from the servo. I don't know why, I think I have a parameter probleme. test.vlp
  8. Hello, I'm trying to make a RS485 connection between a SAMBA + a V100-17-RS4 and a ASD-B2-0421-B (Servo motor). I listened all the webinaire in french I found like this one : For the moment that did not work very well and I do not know if the problem come from the servo motor or the connection or the progam of the SAMBA. It is my first program with Modbus in Samba. That is why I am not sure of my program. The problem can come from the servo parameters or from the Samba parameters. I join the manuel user : www.deltaww.com › Manual › DELTA_IA-ASD_B2_UM_EN_20141217 Thank you for the answers.
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