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  1. I see this topic before. but I have no idea how to use Struct Block, even trough see the help file in program still not understand yet. Can you explain how to use this block.
  2. Hello guys, I have pull somes data from power meter to plc by using modbus 485 via visilogic. Power meter data is two 16bits integers (MI), MI0 is + value and MI1 is - value. If I want to combine MI0 and MI1 convert to MF, which function I need to use? I found some people's topic say that need to use Struct function and Float convert function. But I don't know how to use its. Can someones show me example to do that?
  3. It's work! I'm using COM port1 to communicate with RS485 and use IP to communicate with PLC. Thank you so much..
  4. Hi All, I'm using V350 and trying to pull data from power meter through modbus 485. But I face the problem that cannot receive any data from power meter. I believe that the communication is failed. I'm not sure about the modbus configuration block setting for COM port 1,2 and 3. I confused my usb is which COM? my Modbus RTU is which COM, I also added 1 TCP ENTHERNET card. which means I have 3 ports. I don't know how to do the setting for it. Beside, I also don't know what is my plc network id. how to set it? My power meter address is 3 boud rate is 9600 E
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