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  1. Problem Solved thanks to the great Unitronics Tech Support! The solution is to set VNC Full Access password usung Unilogic's Password Manegement, instead of UniApps: Now password resist to new software versions downloads and to reboots!
  2. It's my opinion too, I asked to the integrator company who sold us the Unitronics plcs & vfds, they told me it's a safety feature...🙄 Could it be a fw related issue? Thanks in advance for your help... At the moment we have the Unistream 7" fitted on 2 wine fermentors tankswe had already sold, the client it's going to order us 10 more, but this problem could be a "no way" for him (he is a Omron supporter)...
  3. Hi, I succeded in setting a password from UniApps/Security for granting a peaceful VNC session...but when I rebooted PLC, the password was lost. It's a real pity, because I woul like to install the Unistream 7" in a remote area of the plant, prone to power failures, and control it from the technical department office. What can I do to solve this issue? Is it feasible? Thanks in advance Andrea (I beg your pardon, probably it's more appropriate in the Unistream Hardware section...)
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