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  1. Ok, Thanks for everyones input, this is what I eventually did which worked out quite nicely. As you can see I have a tons per hour rate. I think I have another query but first want to try battle it out, I find thats the best way to learn.
  2. Hi all, Upfront, thank you Unitronics for amazing products and tech support to match. For the forum administrators, please excuse me if I do something wrong, this is literally the first time I have posted on a forum.........ever! Yes I live in a pineapple under the sea! Please anyone assist me, my project is a process scale. What it is intended for, is to continuously weigh a product according to a set target in Kg's. This into a holding bin on load cells. Feed into the the holding bin is controlled by a feed gate that opens and closes around the target value. Once the target value
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