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  1. Hi! I did the next application: when press "Start heating control" button, the "ON TIME" (binary image) button turn on 5 sec and turn off 10 sec and continue in this sequence. I used 2 TD timers do someone have an easier and more elegant solution? my solution look very clumsy.
  2. thanks! and how am I converting the MI to an MF register?
  3. what am I doing wrong? you can see that A>=B but the MB 10 is still 0. Is it possible that it because I'm comparing between MI to MF? and how to do casting if its the case.
  4. I want to do the following : when A>B -> SET , when A<B -->RESET. B in a constant value and A is a flout. how to use the float compare operator? why there are any difference between the compare int and compare float? Thanks! 0
  5. HI! I am new here and this is my first project:) I want to do a Bang Bang temperature control. I want the user to be able to insert the hysteresis (T high and T low) from the HMI. I didn't found a function in the HMI section which allow to insert inputs, Does anyone know of such a function? Thanks!
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