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  1. Dan, Fernando thank you. I finally got the issue resolved. After I fixed the "PLC Name", I also noticed the lower part of the "Modbus IP Config". Somehow I missed this part in the manual where you have to input the slave ID and address. I had seen this before but I thought that part was only if you were setting the PLC to be the modbus master. We are going to have 12 of these on line connected to SCADA. 4 sets of 3 of them will be ran to a switch. Does it make since for each one of these to have all 12 lines filled out or do I only need a single line for that particular PLC? My thoughts were that they will all have seperate IP addresses (XXX.XXX.XXX.YY). Where the YY will be different for each and the slave ID will remain the same. The goal here is to use a single code for all 12 V130s then just changing the YY through the HMI. Is this going to be possible?
  2. Fernando, I have tried the things you listed except for the older OS install. Still no luck. How exactly do you try an older OS?
  3. We have a V130-J-TR6 with an ethernet card installed. I have followed all of the examples and youtube videos but I still can't seem to get our iFix software to communicate. We are able to ping the ip address successfully but we still have a communications failure. I have attached my code. One thing that I found inconsistent about some example projects and youtube videos is that some run a "socket init" FB and some don't. I have tried both ways unsuccessfully. All we want to get from the PLC to SCADA is the Filter level, Turbidity, and LOH. (MI 17, MI 27, and MI 37) Any other suggestions to the code is acceptable as well. Filter Level Display_V4_Comms.vlp
  4. V130 Model How do I change the order of which numeric selection on screen is chosen? For example, I have about 13 numeric inputs on a single screen. I have to push the right arrow to get to a different numeric entry, and then press enter when I want to change the value of the selected numeric input. The problem is that, pushing the right arrow button does not act in an obvious way. It jumps in some odd order around the screen to the next numeric input. I can tell that this is not a button de-bounce issue because the order is the same every time. How do I change the order in which the numeric inputs are selected?
  5. Thanks Flex727. That is a nice work around for the watermark. I thought I had tried everything to bypass it but I guess not.
  6. Was this ever resolved for a V570ish controller. I understand that Unitronics wants to watermark their images but do they think that every straight section of pipe should be horizontal on the display. There are no verticle straight sections of pipe, backward elbows, etc.. Can't edit them either because of the watermark. Unitronics boasts about their large selection of images but they are not usable if you can't rotate them the way you need them.
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