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  1. Hello! Is it possible to communicate over Ethernet with a Vision 350 over the 3G mobile network? I would like to use the remote operator to remotely connect me with this plc. Had planned to connect the PLC to a Dovado 3GN router and a 3G modem Huawei E1820. Is it possible to use dynamic DNS for this or do I have a static IP address?
  2. Hi! I'm sorry I was so clumsy. Thanks for all your help. //Hanna
  3. Hi! In the module, it is written only IO-PT4. This module, I think we used many years ago with PT1000 sensors? The SN numbers are:91D00535
  4. Hello! The cables name between oplc and expansions adapter EX-A1 are EX1-CA100 (Gray connectors). The side with ground wire (yellow/gren) is connected to oplc. The EX-A1 has power suply 24VDC. The run lamp on the EX-A1 indicates green and the four channels lamp indicates red (out of range). what more can I test?
  5. Thanks for your answer! I dont understand how to choose PT4K. Here you have may hardware configration. Is then wrong?
  6. Hello! I have a application whit plc vision 350-35-R2 and expansions module PT4X. I have the latest visilogic program (9.3). The problem is that all my four PT1000 sensor give me value 1000. The temp sensor is two wire connection and i have connect them to (+v) and (-V) on the PT4X. I have also connect (+V) whit (+I) and (-V) whit (-I). All four temp sensors have right resistance (1050-1100ohm). In the hardware configuration i have type PT1000 (385), mode C, adress MI2 - MI5. What can the problem be?
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