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  1. That seems to have fixed my problem - thanks. These components are very useful but very difficult to find on your site. It would be good if they were in the download section. Regards,
  2. Unitronics.ComDriver.dll: File Version Unitronics.DataTables.dll: File Version Xceed.Compression.dll: File Version 3.7.8577.11540 Xceed.Compression.Formats.dll: File Version 3.7.8577.11540 Regards,
  3. Hi, I've been using the DotNet DataTables interface successfully for a couple of months in a C# application. Recently I upgraded from Visual Studio 2008 to VS2010. The DataTables interface works fine in development mode but when I build and run an executable the connection to the PLC (Vision570) fails because of the Xceed.Compression.dll Licence Key. Reverting to VS2008 solves the problem. Will you be updating the Xceed components to support VS2010?
  4. I have downloaded a demo project to a new V290. The project appears to download fine but when the display appears, the fixed text characters (and graphics) are jumbled up. The text/grahics appear in the correct locations but the the right side of the character is displayed to the left of the left side of the character (and a similar effect for line graphics). I'm using Visilogic 9.0.1 Build 0 Using Visilogic I have checked the OS as 5.04(B18) / Font 1.30 (B00) My hardware is: V290-19-B20B V200-18-E1B V200-19-ET1 Anyone know where I'm going wrong? Since original post. I've installed VisiLogic 8.01 on another PC. This works fine with the with OS 5.04. Unfortunately I don't see any way of downgrading my project file.
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