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  1. I understand that this bit means the sign. It isn't moving left or right like other bits. One more example is below. 8000h = 1000000000000000 E000h = 1110000000000000 But if I shift right 2 positions the result must be 2000h = 0010000000000000.
  2. I understand this solution. I think my solution (multipliing by -1) isn't worse. And I suppose the fact (MSB must be 0 if you shift right) must be noticed in help-files.
  3. Hi. Dividing by 8192 gives the same result. I see the solution. I must analyze the result and multiply by -1 if MSB=1. But seems to me that it is PLC's bug. There must be possible to shift bits from any position.
  4. 8000h has MSB=1. So MI will be filled by 1 while shifting. Am I right? Then how can I fill MI by 0 while shifting to get 0000000000000100?
  5. I think the result must be 0000000000000100 but not 1111111111111100.
  6. In my application I shift right 13 bits in a numeric value (for example 8000h). FB SHR puts FFFCh on its output. Is it right?
  7. If I copy MI to another MI during every program scan, the swapped value of another MI will be overwritten by the unswapped value in the next program scan. There must be condition for copiing.
  8. PLC V130 receives double float (64 bit) as 8 bytes with the following format: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_754-1985#Double-precision_64_bit Can I easily get double float like here: http://www.unitronics.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=2102&SearchTerms=swap+bytes ? And one more question about FB Swap bytes. It puts swapped bytes into the same MI's. But these MI's are cyclically got from COM-port. So MI's values blink: swapped-unswapped. How can I avoid of the blinking?
  9. Hi. Who can give me an example how to connect PLC Unitronics and some device supporting only Modbus ASCII? I know that Unitronics supports only Modbus RTU. I need a program using FB Protocol.
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