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  1. Hi, We are using datatables in V570. Trying to write to the first column in the first table in V570, address 0 – which is a Integer column. I’m not able to write to it, I Just get an UserInputException (Invalid write values). I’m able to read the same column, using the same addressing. What’s wrong with my code? Public Function WriteTableFeedPlan(ByVal FeedPlanId As Integer) Dim rw() As ReadWriteRequest = New ReadWriteRequest(0) {} Dim StartAddress As UInteger = 0 Dim NumberOfBytesToWriteInRow As UShort = 2 Dim NumberOfRowsToWrite As UShort = 1 Dim RowSizeInBytes As UShort = 2 Dim ValueList As New List(Of Byte) Dim byte1 As Byte = 4 Dim byte2 As Byte = 5 ValueList.Add(byte1) ValueList.Add(byte2) rw(0) = New WriteDataTables(StartAddress, NumberOfBytesToWriteInRow, NumberOfBytesToWriteInRow, RowSizeInBytes, ValueList) Try plc.ReadWrite(rw) ethernet.Disconnect() Catch ethernet.Disconnect() Return False End Try Return True End Function
  2. Hi, I'm having trouble downloading my application to a new and clean V350-35-R34, it fails over both serial and ethernet. Loading Bin. Lib, Boot, OS and Sync RTC works fine. My UDC file contains the following, and I'm trying to execute using UniDownloader v. 4.1.02: Bin.Lib v. 2.1 (02) BOOT v. 2.1 (06) OS v. 3.0 (67) Sync. RTC Application As said, I'm able to download Bin.Lib, Boot and OS. I then do Sync RTC fine, but when trying to only execute the application item to the PLC it says Application failed. This happens during: Status: Downloading String Lib to PLC. The UDC file is 628kb big. This is creating big problems for me at the moment, as I need to be able to distribute this UDC with the new application to a lot of customers..on both old and new PLC's (upgrade/reinstall of application) Any ideas?
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