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Calibrate servo positioning from program code instead of settings

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I have a Unitronics USC-x5-TR22 PLC, UMD-0010C-B3 drive, and a motor, connected to conveyor. This whole setup needs to be calibrated so that when I command to move conveyor belt by 1000 mm it would really move by 1000mm, not 995 or 1005. Right now I do this in Unitronics UniLogic, adjusting parameter "Roller Diameter" in actuator parameters, but I'd like to be able to do it from program code. The problem is that "Roller Diameter" is just a settings paameter, not a program tag, so I can't access it from program code. I could achieve the very same effect adjusting ratio of "Position_factor_numerator" / "Position_factor_denominator", which are tags and can be accessed from program, but they seem to be read-only, so I can't change them.

Could you please give me a hint where should I look for solution?

Best regards,


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