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Microsoft Office 365 - Data export - Remote operator

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I have a PC recently upgraded to Windows 10 with the new Microsoft 365. Since then remote operator project file contents get deleted and the project no longer runs. A new project has to be created again in order for it to run. It runs for a while (a week sometimes more) then the file contents are deleted / missing again. Two things have changed since before this problem started, the upgrade of Windows to include Microsoft Office 365 and the new Visilogic firmware

Also, Data Export will not create Excel files. CSV files can be done when selecting "create CSV files" As soon as selecting "create Excel files" a runtime error appears. "Run-time error'2147221163 (80040155) interface not registered"  Data Export then needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled again. 

I have logged a ticket with Unitronics and I am in contact with Michael, just need to know if anyone else is experiencing the same? 

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